Summer’s Over

I’ve been away from my little blog for awhile, ok a long time, but I’m ready to start telling you what’s going on with my family again. We’ve been super busy and enjoying summer so I thought I’d recap what we did.

We’d been at the theater for awhile.

Colette finished 4th grade with great grades, lots of awards and a wonderful job at recital. She had a really good year.

Really good hamburgers in San Juan Bautista

The Monarch Cove Inn is really nice

We love Shadowbrook and even took their vintage taxi there

We went to Capitola for vacation and had a really nice relaxing trip. Usually our trips are pretty structured but we just relaxed and Colette slept a lot, we all did. Colette also found a love for Pizza My Heart and they have gluten free pizza now so we could all enjoy it. She would have eaten there every day.

Colette found filters on my Instagram

We found a great place that has gluten free cones

Colette loves seafood & Jeran loves the portrait option on his iphone

After a few days in Capitola we went over to Monterey and relaxed some more. We went to the aquarium and ate more ice cream, we ate way too much ice cream on this trip. But it was nice to take it slow and just spend time together.

Kool-Aid died hair

We’ve celebrate a bunch of family birthdays and did crazy things like dye my daughters hair red. She’s been wanting to do this for a couple years and I finally gave in since she really needed a hair cut anyway.

Rockets at VBS

Even on vacation Jeran worked on his dissertation

We had VBS and dance intensive the same week, and then more dance the next week too. But the week of VBS was crazy. Jeran was at Google for a mapping training and then he came home for a day and then headed to LA to defend his dissertation. We survived though and Jeran was almost done with his paper.

My crock pot died so I upgraded

One day my crock pot just decided to not turn on, it was dead. So, during Prime Day I got an Instant Pot. I’ve only made 1 thing so far but it was pretty good and I’m sure with this busy school year coming it’ll get a lot of use.

Waiting for Superior Dairy to open

We made a family trip to Hanford to eat ice cream. Last year when we tried to go it was so busy we gave up. This year we went super early and the kids played outside while we waited.

17th Anniversary

My little wizard at Universal

My parents wanted to take Colette to Universal since she likes the Harry Potter series now. They had a great time and spoiled her a lot. This girl is so lucky she got chose by the Dragon Heart and got to pick her wand out at Olivander’s. I think I’ll ask Colette if she’d write a post about the trip. While they were in LA we went up to Napa to celebrate our anniversary. We had a great time and really enjoyed our tour at Schramsberg winery.

1st day of 5th grade

School started today and I’m sad to get back to the schedule. I like the lazy summer days with nowhere to rush. But I know this will be an exciting year. Jeran’s almost done with his dissertation, it needs to get published, and then he’ll be Dr. Ott. Colette has a lot of dance and we’ll be off to celebrate my nephews first trip to Disneyland soon. We’re having some Disney withdrawls, last year we had a pass and went 22 days. It was a little crazy and we stayed away for the summer but I have a feeling it’ll be a Disney year again, we just can’t stay way too long. I don’t think we’ll go that many times again. So that’s what we did this summer. I hope you had a great one too.


Olympia Opa!

olympia (3)

Recap of our Mediterranean cruise Day 5

We were headed off to our first excursion, Katakolon, to visit Olympia and then see some Greek folk dancing. Jeran had been to Olympia before and was surprised at how many people were visiting. He did not remember it as busy. The cruise ships have really increased the visitors. We had a great tour guide, Helena, who was a former history teacher. She did a wonderful job explaining things and making it fun. One of the words she explained was gymnasium. She told us it means the place where you take off your clothes, since athletes competed nude in those times. The kids thought this was hilarious. It will probably be the only thing Colette remembers.

Standing at the starting line

Standing at the starting line

It was really warm, but Jeran and Colette ran the stadium. I stood on the sidelines and just watched all the crazy people run around. Before we knew it it was time to head back. We got some free time in the little town and bought Colette a really cute Greek shirt and skirt. Then we stopped and had our first frappes and Greek Cokes at the Pergola restaurant. There would be many more to come.

Time to dance

Time to dance

Then back on the bus to go see Greek folk dancing. They took us to this beautiful event space called Touris Club. Inside they had a cheese pie making demonstration, all the kids enjoyed that. Then we sat at long tables and got to sample all kinds of Greek dishes. I had a great time and ate everything. Colette was being picky and would only try a few things, Jeran is gluten free so he only tried things that looked safe, he ended up not getting sick so he chose wisely. While we ate there were folk dancers performing, they’d go into the crowd every once in awhile and pull out a dad and make him dance with them. It really embarrassed the kids, but it was fun. Once everyone was done eating the dancing picked up more and they started dancing through the tables,and on the tables, and the kids were smashing plates. Everyone was having a great time and then it was time to go. We went back to the ship and got ready for dinner. It had been a long day and we didn’t stay up to see the shows that night. We headed back to our room so we could see Athens tomorrow.

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