Why Beautycounter

These are just a few ingredients you won’t find in our products


I’ve been signed up as a Beautycounter consultant for a couple months now and I’ve been a little hesitant, ok a lot, to tell you. Another person you know is selling something. But, I’ve decided I’m going to make myself do this. Why did I end up with Beautycounter? My husband is celiac and has hypothyroidism, he’s been gluten free since before it was cool. Because of that I’ve spent a lot of time researching his conditions and looking for recipes. The last few years I kept seeing Beautycounter at different blog sites, but since I was there for the recipes I ignored it. But recently I’ve gotten really fed up with my acne, seriously I’m almost 40. I’ve had it since I was my daughters age and I’ve tried everything from prescriptions to kitchen concoctions and I don’t want Colette to have to go through this too. I don’t want her covering herself in dangerous chemicals and wasting time on things that don’t work. I don’t mind a little experimenting on myself but I don’t want her exposed to anything that could be harmful. So in my never ending search for healthy recipes and clear skin I started paying attention to the Beautycounter stuff. I finally took the plunge and got the charcoal bar and mask. It seems like everyone is talking about charcoal and the Beautycounter products had great reviews so I went for it and was hooked. Now I’m slowly adding more products as I run out of things and switching to safer options.

Beautycounter wants to change the beauty industry and get safer products into the hands of everyone. Did you know the European Union has banned over 1,400 chemicals and the US only 30. Beautycounter has a Never List of more then 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals that will never go into the products. If you’d like to learn a little more this short video is a great place to start.

I hope you’re interested and will take a look at what Beautycounter offers. We have products for everyone from kids to those looking for anti aging. You can visit my link here or ask me about it sometime. I also have a Facebook page where I’ll be posting about offers and other information, but of course you’ll hear about somethings here too.
So anyway, I’m trying this out, I hope you’ll try it too.

Have a Fabulous Mother’s Day Darling!


I hope you are as pampered as Duchess this Mother’s Day

I hope everyone is having a great Mother’s Day weekend. Mine will be super busy, being a mom. We’ve got dance competitions, Girl Scout ceremonies and trying to figure out when we can celebrate all the moms in our family. It’ll be a little crazy. I hope you’ll have time to relax like little Marie in the Disney card at the top. You can find that card and others at the Disney blog. I’m sure you could make something pur-r-r-fectly cute out of it.

Pleasantly Polished

My husband has been out of town for a few days. He went with his 8th grade class to a science camp in Catalina. He hasn’t been gone very long, he’s been on longer trips without us, but for some reason this time my daughter and I really missed him. So last night I put my daughter to bed and decided I’d fix myself up so I’d feel and look good when he gets home. My usual night time routine involves making school lunch, getting my daughter cleaned up and ready for bed. Then story time, and just after I tuck her in she tells me all the random things that pop into her head. I know she does this to stay awake a little longer, but it’s nice to hear whatever she has to say. I slowly inch my way out as she tells me one more thing, and then I run to the living room to workout for an hour. This has been working well, it’s the only time I have to workout and my husband works on his doctorate paper at the same time. Once I’m done we then usually veg out in front of the TV and get to spend some time together. Wednesday’s are different though. We have 2 dance classes that day and get home kind of late. So, I skip working out and just try to get everything ready for the next day. Last night after I finished prepping for today I gave myself a facial and painted my fingers and toes.  I didn’t think painting my fingernails would make me so happy. I don’t usually do my nails, only for special occasions, and then I’d rather have them done. I don’t mind doing my toes more often, but they last longer and it seems to be worth it because of that. Now, I do my daughters nails all the time. It makes her happy and she feels special and grown up. Why wouldn’t I do this for myself. So, I’ve decided that Wednesday’s are now Pleasantly Polished days. I’ll carve out that special time to myself. Then maybe while my nails dry, I’ll sit with my husband and have a glass of wine and share that time with him. It’s amazing how something so simple as polished nails can uplift you, and serve as a reminder to spend some time on yourself.

Have you figured out a way to carve out time for you? If you have I’d love to read about it in the comments.