Miss America 2028?

miss fresno

Waiting for Miss Fresno County to start


My daughter loves everything sparkly and fancy. When she was little she wore a dressĀ andĀ tiara every day. We had glitter everywhere and a huge collection of tiaras. We had to get a display shelf for them. The tiara collection has shrunk some, only the favorites are still on the shelf, but now we’re starting to add more.

Dancing at Miss Clovis

A few years ago we watched the Miss California pageant, we saw little girls escorting the contestants on stage. They dressed up and had crowns too. Colette asked how did they get to do that, I should be there. I looked into it, the Miss America organization has a little sister program to the Miss America Outstanding Teen program. It’s non competitive and all the girls get to be a princess. Colette had just started dance team at that time and all the dates for the Princess Program and dance competition were the same. It took a couple years but finally dates worked out and Colette got the chance to be a princess. She had a great time getting to know some current title holders, having princess lessons and participating in their own crowning. The girls also learned a dance that they would perform at the Miss Clovis and Miss Fresno County pageants. I wasn’t sure how this experience would go but Colette loved everything. It gave her another chance to perform and to speak on stage. In school they are working on public speaking by reciting poems every month but the pageants gave her a chance to talk about herself in an on stage introduction, under bright lights, in front of a lot of people she didn’t know and be confident about it. This is what I want for her, to be confident in herself no matter what situation she’s in and comfortable speaking to anyone from an individual to a crowded theater. So, if working to add more tiaras to her collection will increase her confidence then I’m all for it. She’s already told me “I’m a Central Valley Princess, but someday I want to be Miss America.”